Electronics Engineer

Description Responsibilities: The design and implementation of electronic systems for various technology customers within TAE require the understanding of modern computer tools, eCAD and mCAD software platforms, the fabrication and assembly of PCBs and the diagnostic tools and techniques required to verify and validate circuit function prior to implementation. In addition, circuit diagnostic tools, such as oscilloscopes and function generators, must be understood to properly test and diagnose equipment failures. Required Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Required Education: Bachelors in technical field Preferred Education: Electrical Engineering or physics Technical Experience (Equipment, tools, etc.) A good candidate must have the understanding to be able to design, assembly, diagnose and modify electronic circuits, both analog and digital architectures. Power supplies, integrators, amplifiers, signal processing are just a few of the topologies that should be understood. A good candidate must know how to use oscilloscope and function generator as a diagnostic tools. A good candidate must know how to identify and solder SMD components. Software Knowledge and Skills: Altium Designer (Nexus) - Desired SolidWorks - Proficiency Physical Requirements: Climbing Stooping/Bending Balancing in high places Working in cramped places
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
Not Specified years

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